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We process 10 million requests every day, highly experienced in security, reliability and scalability.

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Pellar Blockchain empowers enterprise and governments to adopt the latest blockchain innovations.

Blockchain is a fundamental global technology shift, all important transactional records should be written on the blockchain. Our blockchain implements the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus algorithm, and is designed for optimal performance and reliability.

Pellar blockchain is able to operate at 20,000 transactions per second, with 1 second transaction completion time. This level of performance enables enchanting real world applications. We provide all of this amazing technology to you via RESTful APIs or Web Sockets in a secure managed service solution.

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Pellar Managed Infrastructure

Let us worry about scalability, reliability and security.

Our end to end blockchain solutions turn your concepts into reality. Pellar blockchain can handle the largest and most complex applications.

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Our systems are integrated with these global blockchain networks, taking your solution to the next level

Pellar's managed service infrastructure is securely distributed around the globe.

Pellar Global Network

Our managed service infrastructure is distributed around the globe, our solutions are highly fault torlerant and are hosted in the most secure data centers.

Our team of engineers with decades of successful enterprise solutions expertise.

Combined expertise to deliver the most challenging global solutions.

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