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Speed: 1 Second Transaction Complete

Stability: 10 Million Requests Everyday

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Wondering why you should use blockchain?

Blockchain is the only stable technology to permanently store transactional data with significant importance. Blockchain enables people and businesses to trust the accuracy and reliability of financial transactions, land titles, medical records, identity and more. Data on blockchain is also permanent, secure, reliable and tamper proof.

Pellar Blockchain adopts the best in class security for our managed service solutions

Pellar Deployment Configurations

Every business has its own needs, we customise our blockchain to suit your organisational requirements.

Authorised Write Authorised Read Public Write Public Read

Our Cryptography Implementation

Data on the blockchain is secured with Elliptic Curve Cryptography

A difficult maths problem to solve:

y^2=x^3-3x+41058363725152142129326129780047268409114 441015993725554835256314039467401291 modulo p = 2^256 - 2^224 + 2^192 + 2^96 - 1

Data on the blockchain is secured with Elliptic Curve Cryptography. Utilising the unique properties of prime numbers, this cryptography is easy to perform but hard to invert. The core algorithm is a series of prime number multiplications. Easy to calculate, but hard to solve (find the prime factors). The formula above: y2 = x3 + ax + b is easy to perform (x1,y1), (x2,y2) -> (x,y) but impossible to invert (x,y) --> (x1,y1), (x2,y2).

ECC is used by the most secured technologies in the world, such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, US Department of Defence, SSH, TLS and Bitcoin.

Solving the Byzantine Generals problem the fast way - PBFT

A Block on the Pellar Blockchain Our Consensus Algorithm

Our Testnet

Writing to Pellar Blockchain is simple, to get started, follow these steps:
  1. Generate an account
    curl -X POST -d 'symbol=ABC'

    This method returns an address and a private key

  2. Sign an transaction
    curl -X POST -d 'sender=022486f071f4b20d7f08c26fcc722946659adf027ef4f694e184d09b5d3dacdc&privatekey=9e7b8a4a5babc776267ef3044fc5cda8fce9b3fb9324016402393a4f74918013&recipient=02be8da54b263338031148d66b88add7dcafd5094820d49ae03654367621057cd3&symbol=ABC&amount=1&nonce=1'

    This method returns a signature for the request, you can also hash and sign your own request locally, nonce is used to prevent replay attacks, all new transactions needs to ensure nonce is larger than the nonce used in the previous request

  3. Send a transaction
    curl -X POST -d 'sender=03b2a9b651d3e94b5e9bf63f5237d1921267b17887bb0d1171a668746b5301f&recipient=037c3ff6bf12f2710b2c77f3cfe8bd9bd795162cea9f90d239337b23e75e63d791&symbol=ABC&amount=1.234&nonce=19&signature=304502210088e4f9a3723f84a0e55a594e66b3b0d72eb1ec95c1a9920184ae0ea8a5225e8802204d1fb41715b05887c3ee40fa98091736a06dda4fa71f3835a48c7a67de51f7fd'

    This method returns a transaction id

  4. View the transaction
    curl -X GET

    This method returns the details of the requested transaction

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